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Welcome to the MIT822-Module16 Wiki

MIT822 - Hypermedia/Hypertext Applications was an amazing excursion into various hypermedia applications and how they can be leveraged for use in the classroom. This wiki is a summary of each module covered in MIT822 this summer. My hope is that, with other classmates' contributions, it can become a comprehensive summary of all the various technologies we've discovered over the past eight weeks.

MIT822 Modules

Module 1 - Introduction (Project - Video)

Module 2 - Androidify and Tellagami (Apps)

Module 3 - Active Participation and Engagement (Report)

Module 4 - Hypermedia (Project - Video)

Module 5 - Visualization (Project - Video)

Module 6 - Topic Articles and Feedback (Report)

Module 7 - Oreo Cooke Review of Module 4

Module 8 - Oreo Cookie Review of Module 5

Module 9 - 3D (Report)

Module 10 - Augmented Reality (Project - Flipbook)

Module 11 - Oreo Cookie Review of Module 10

Module 12 - AR vs VR (Report)

Module 13 - 360-Video (Project - Video Review and Lesson Outline)

Module 14 - Google Earth (Project - Lesson Incorporating GE)

Module 15 - Coding (Website/App Review)

Module 16 - Course Summary (Project - Interactive Web-based Presentation)

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